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08 September 2010 @ 12:37 pm
Hi~ I'm sorry for the lack of updates *is a bad mod*

But enjoy the lovely scans :3

Credit: motomimost


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17 July 2010 @ 09:16 pm
Anyone watching the dorama JOKER Yurusarezaru Sousakan? :)

It started airing on Fuji TV on July 13, 2010. Here's the general premise and the summary for episode 1.

This is Ma-kun's character on the dorama.

Here's his first appearance on episode 1:

So far, he only appeared for a few minutes, but the dorama is awesome too! ^^
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10 June 2010 @ 11:37 pm

I'm still collecting articles from Ma-kun's section "Masa ni hero!" in TV Station (here's more details about it and previous scans) and it's been a while since I've uploaded scans of them, so I think it's right time to share next portion. Enjoy! ^^

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Wink up 10/06

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~ Pro-Golfer Hana Episode 04 - 06 and Episode 01 Subtitles added here~
09 May 2010 @ 05:11 pm
There's a cross-promotion for Zebraman 2 in binantokei!

binantokei is a clock where it has pictures of good-looking guys (that they found out on the street) holding up a sign to tell the time--except for 1700 to 1704 now has pictures of Zebraman cast!  Ma-kun is at 1702!

But when you mouse-over...

There are lots of cute guys on the clock but this is the first time that I know of that actual idols are on it!
06 May 2010 @ 02:42 pm
Wink up 10/05

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~ Pro Golfer Hana Episode 2 and 3 added here~

11 April 2010 @ 08:46 pm

Nomiya Hana, a temporary employee who works at Kinoshita Corporation, is made to participate in a client golf competition despite her reluctance. In the end, Hana effortlessly wins the competition although it is for client entertainment. Because of this, the business negotiations fail and the furious company president sacks Hana. To the Nomiya family which has a debt of 100 million yen, there will be no money to repay the debt collectors without Hana’s salary. Unable to find a job, Hana is at a loss. Then, a man appears, asking her if she would like to become a pro golfer. He is Daigo Kazuma, a golf coach who had watched Hana’s game at the client golf competition and noticed her talent. However, Hana stubbornly turns down his offer because she has a reason for giving up her dream to turn pro …

Kato Rosa, Katase Nana, Inoue Masahiro, Takahashi Mai, Muro Tsuyoshi, Sato Jiro, Ishino Mako...

A huge thanks for the subs goes to dramaniacfansub 

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