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24 March 2011 @ 09:40 am
[FANFIC] Daiki Kaito X Tsukasa Kadoya  
Title : That’s the truth
Author : athasshirabu 
Pairing : Daiki Kaito X Tsukasa Kadoya
Rating : PG
Genre: failed angst
Summary : Tsukasa might be forget it, but someone's not.
Warning : Daiki and Tsukasa came from the same world and then lived in Blade’s world, so it’s kind of AU, I think XD Unbeta’d.
A/N : birthday fic for Maa-kun and yes, title taken from McFly’s song *runs*. It’s a super sappy fic but please bear it *hides*. HAPPY 22ND BIRTHDAY MASAHIRO INOUE! \(^_^)/


Is this even allowed to post fic here, MOD? XD